Besides the obvious, swimming in the sea, directly in front of the cottages, a beach which is one of a kind, in a word, pristine and unequalled, flanked on either side by outcrops of rocks which give a wonderful opportunity for good fishing spots. The “Boulders” on the left of the beach and “Three Sisters” on the right of the beach, both excellent fishing spots. Worth the walk, towards the west of Kayser's Beach is the mouth of the Chalumna River, well known for the Coelecanth, caught off the mouth in 1938, the history of which can be discovered at the East London Museum, but you might enjoy the outing to do some river fishing from the banks of the river, with the possibility of Cob, Spotted and Pignose Grunter. However, you may be frustrated with the odd Sand Shark, or Rays. From the rocks and gulleys, plenty of them, you may land, Silver Steenbras, Black Steenbras, Cob, Grunter, Bluefish, Galjoen (in season), Blacktail, Zebra, Silvies and non eddibles such as Ragged Tooth Shark, Rays and many other varieties. Octopus, Mussels and rock bait is plentiful, making this a Fisherman's Paradise when the fish bite!!

There are lovely sand dunes for sand skiing, excellent safe walks, shell collecting, safe beaches and rock pools for the interest of children and adults alike. Birds, animals and flora are plentiful explore for yourself and be gratified in looking for “Roses” which we pass by in the busy world that keeps us on the “treadmill of life” get off and enjoy the beauty which is available to see first hand. Treat your family to “those good old days” before the invention of today's modern world where everything is instant and disposable!

The remains of the wreck of the Cape St Francis, a fishing trawler, are to be seen at the “Bay”. This ship ran aground in November 1963, in the dark of the night with a high sea running, no lives were lost in the mishap. Kayser's Beach was also in the news around the time that the SAA Rietbok, flying from Port Elizabeth to East London, mysteriously plunged into the sea off Kayser's Beach, but more good things happen at Kayser's Beach than those mentioned here.

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